Module – Social Media / Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, et. al.

Social Media Module
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It doesn’t matter what we label Facebook and/or YouTube, what
matters is how your users interact with such, and how it relates to
your business. In essence, folks that enter the keywords that they
are searching (be it a business, a person, a product, a video etc…)
their browser search performs a result that returns what it believes
is the best match.

For our purposes, we want all roads to lead back to your main
Internet Site.

While it would be a good idea to at least scan this whole chapter,
if you aren’t a big fan of social media. At least read the portion on
SMM Social Bookmarking, and heed the conclusion at the end?

The goal of this chapter, and this entire course is to help you earn
more money through marketing via the internet… Plain and simple.




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