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Sales Funnels Module
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Sales and Conversion Funnels (monetization!)

Your Website, or any landing page for that matter, must include
the following triggers…

1. What is it about? (and don’t make it about yourself, make it about ‘them’!)
2. Who is it for? (again, don’t make it about yourself, make it about ‘them’!)
3. What does the visitor get for being there?

Bottom line… how do you get your potential customers to firstly ‘like’ you.




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Sales Funnels Action List

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Sales Funnels Resources


To succeed with your product and/or brick and mortar service, not only do you have to
be extremely good at your area of expertise
and know the basics of marketing…
… including identifying your niche, pricing, finding customers, etc —

You then have to learn all about productization: packaging, upsells, cross-sells,
advertising, email funnels,
JVs/affiliates, refunds, customer service, sales-page
construction, A/B testing, continuity programs, etc.

You’ll gain all this knowledge within this Module.
(hint: building relationships first!)


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