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Simply put… Mobile devices are here to stay!




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Mobile utilization has increased over 400%!

Most everyone is using their mobile smart phones
(aka: mobile devices) on the road trying to find you …

“Mobile searches should lead to mobile-friendly experiences
first and foremost… Advertisers need to make sure that their sites
load fast, are easy to navigate and easy to transact,” said Ben Chung,
…product marketing manager of mobile ads at Google, Mountain View, CA.

A Mobile Website with proper Mobile Marketing will target your ‘local’ market and your
best customers with campaigns that drive traffic and business directly to you…

GreenQuestionMarkDid you know that…
… three out of four mobile searches
lead to follow-up
actions within one hour!

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Bammo org has arranged to have your initial mobile site mock-up built free of charge.

As a member of Bammo, simply provide your name, email and website (below), so that we can follow-up on your request to supply you with your initial mobile website layout.

Note: Be sure to read this chapter first, as you may already have a mobile friendly website as prescribed in the section that discusses ‘Responsive’ website criterion.

As a business you must have a ‘mobile friendly’ website for smart phones, iPads and mini-tablets.

This chapter will have you engaging with your customers on this powerful, mobile media.

GreenQuestionMarkDid you know that…
… mobile searchers were 30 % more likely to visit
a retailer’s Web site, and
57 percent more likely to
visit a store after making a mobile search!


As an exclusive Bammo Member…
Receive Your ‘Free’ Mobile Website (mock-up)!

Just provide your email, first name and current Website and we will
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We’ll get back to you within 48 hours regarding your verification and free mobile mock-up!