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You already know that your business cannot possibly be
successful if the people who should be buying your products
or services don’t know that you exists.

It is therefore imperative that you strategically promote and
advertise your business as much as possible, and while using
‘free’ advertising, via (SEO) search optimization as a strategy
of choice for most marketers (especially ‘newbies’) it is not
necessarily the best one in every situation.




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BAMMO Alert…

Regarding ‘Re-Targeting or via Google “ReMarketing” as they call it…

Google AdWords
Remarketing with Search Ads update

Hi Bammo,
So here is some of the information that I was able to find about Remarketing with Search Ads:”Once the remarketing tag is added to your site, you can add the remarketing list to an ad group that has keywords, bids and ads with a message tailored to customers on the remarketing list. These customized ads will show to people who have already been to your site when they later search on Google. These messages won’t be shown to people who aren’t on the list.”

Let me know if this is a help for you. Also let me know if you have any additional questions. If I find any additional information about the subject, I will be sure to pass it along to you. 
Sincerely, Paul D.

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